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The Third Rail was designed as a newsmagazine with articles of both fan and professional interest. All issues of the magazine contained contempory news and opinion.


Silver Leaf published one issue of The Third Rail.

Summer 1966. 20pp, self cover.
  • Cover photo: BMT Triplex signed for 1939 World's Fair.
  • Lead article: "Hi Ho! Come With Your Fare" historical article including "Transit Day", the museum cars, dual contracts and the '39 and '64 World's Fairs.
  • Second lead: "Trolley-Rapid" advocacy article detailing the then-current and potential role of what is now called Light Rail Transit.

Third Rail Press published six additional issues of The Third Rail duiring 1974-76. All Third Rail Press Third Rails were 12 pages, self cover, numbered as a complete volume.

Number 1. September 1974.
  • Cover photo : Brooklyn's 1936 PCC publicity shot.
  • Lead article: "American Ground Transport " about the National City Lines controversy.
  • News: Philadelphia trolley upgrading, other Philadelphia news. News of Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Toronto.
Number 2. November 1974.
  • Cover photo : State-of-the-Art Car.
  • Lead article: "SOAC: A State of the Mind ": ride on and evaluation of SOAC car on BMT.
  • Second Lead: "Ford: Not at all a Model T(ransit) Man: President Ford's record on transit.
  • Commentary: First "TMB in the political underground" article
Number 3. January-March 1975.
  • Cover photo : Mockup of Canada's standard LRV.
  • Lead article: "Gunther and His Railroad " historical piece originally intended for the Fall 1966 Third Rail. About steam days on the West End Line.
  • Second Lead: "Inside Rapid Transit" by J.W. Boorse, Jr., P.E., illustrated technical article about rapid transit seating theory.
Number 4. April-June 1975. (Issued August 1975)
  • Cover photo : New York's R46 from Pullman-Standard
  • Lead article : No formal lead.
  • Technical article: "The Rapid Busway or the Rapid Transit Railroad?" by W.H.T. Holden, P.E.
  • News features: Major NY service cuts planned; BMT Culver Shuttle Closes
Number 5. July-September 1975. (Issued October 1975)
  • Cover photo : U.S. Standard LRV from Boeing.
  • Lead article: "N.Y. Fares Raised in Crisis Situation " contemporary and historical article about the politics of fares in New York City.
  • Editorials, TMB, Letters, News.
Number 6. October-December 1975. (Issued March 1976)
  • Cover graphic : Rendering of LRV for Dayton, Ohio
  • Lead article: "DART Derailed " about the battle for light rail in Dayton.
  • TMB Commentary concerning the Super Sonic Transport
  • News feature "Depot Fire Disrupts Philadelphia Light Rapid" about the Woodland Depot Fire.

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