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Several times over the years, Paul and Irv Matus, Silver Leaf's partners, produced publications for others that did not bear the Silver Leaf imprint. Since these were designed by the brothers, and often included writing, illustrations and printing arrangements by the pair, a few are included here. Thanks to Lawrence Gault for the "Unofficial Number 4" front page.

Electric Railroaders' Association, New York Division Bulletin ,  "Volume 5, Unofficial Number 4" July 1962. Free to ERA NY Division members. 12 pp. 8.5" x 11". In a very real sense, this was the first Silver Leaf publication. The regular editors of the Bulletin were unable to produce the July 1962 issue, so ERA member Paul Matus agreed to write and produce it that month. Growing ambitious, Paul and Irv decided to make it the first "beautiful" issue. It included offset printing, photos, an editorial and even a fiction piece (by Irv) entitled "The Case of the Missing Brighton." For various reaons, the NY Division officers proved to be Not Amused, so an "Official Number 4" (mimeographed) appeared in August. Thus rebuffed, the idea of Silver Leaf began to form.

Electric Railroaders' Association, New York Division Bulletin , "Volume 6, Number 2" April 1963. Free to ERA NY Division members. cover only. 8.5" x 11". By April of the next year, feathers were unruffled enough that Paul and Irv produced this cover with a fairly poor reproduction of a nice old photo of Brooklyn Bridge in cable railway / street car days. This was stapled together with an additional four pages produced by the regular Bulletin staff by mimeograph and, yes, it was "Official." The previous "unofficial" Bulletin was nevertheless sold by the Division for some time at its sales tables until the copies were all gone.

"A Guide to Brooklyn Street Railways, including The Rapid Transit Elevated Railroad and Excursion Roads to Coney Island and  Rockaway Beaches, 1886"  1971. price not known. 16 pp. plus cover. 5.5 x 8.5". Friend and long-time patron of rail transit Paul Renault had an interesting but crumbling 1886 Brooklyn transit guide that he wanted to reprint. Paul Matus set it in new type, adding some hand-traced illustrations and historic commentary. Paul Renault added a list of street name changes to aid the historically curious.

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